When you want a once-in-a-lifetime portrait or an unforgettable photographic wedding story, it is crucial to find a photographic portraitist who is not only artistically capable, but who is willing to take the time necessary to create an outstanding, expressive statement about you and those you love.

The names Lily and David Yong have become synonymous with fine portraiture, elegant weddings, and capturing exciting photojournalistic moments. They are best recognized for their expressive wedding photographs that share something unique about the subjects who are photographed before their cameras.

Their clients take great pride in owning an original photographic portrait by the Yongs, and their works grace the walls of many of the finest homes.

David Yong was awarded the coveted Craftsman of Photographic Arts Degree from the Professional Photographers of Canada and also holds a Master of Photographic Arts Degree.

Lily Yong was awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree and has won awards from her photographic creations internationally.

They are also both recognized as outstanding photographic lecturers and teachers, spending their time traveling nationally and abroad to help others create more sensitive, meaningful portraiture.